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Horder Cleanup Services

Professional Hoarder Cleaning - Clutter Cleanup & Junk Removal


If you have acquired too many things and are reluctance to part with your stuff, it can be challenging to find space to store these things or throw them away.

At fast eddys we understand finding a solution that help to create a safe, manageable living space can be hard. That’s where our experience team can help with help with clutter and hoarding with

You can declutter with a professional hoarding cleanup!

We clean-out your home, garage, shed and back yard. Our team are sensitive to your needs and can Clean Up your Property In A Polite & Respectful, Confidential Manner With Minimal Fuss

We are expert in Hoarding Clean-out Services. 100% Fast & Efficient

We clear and declutter your whole property, remove all the rubbish, tidy up your the yard including sweeping up and pressure cleaning footpaths, driveways and patios.

If you are a Hoarder, you may feel, “I might need that one day” or “I know someone who could use that,” but the items are accumulated at a rate faster than they are used or may never be used at all. Some of these items ‘most’ people may consider junk or garbage.

Hoarding is a large accumulation of objects that clutter your home, garage and backyard  to the point that the living space is no longer usable - inaccessible rooms in the house, a garage full of stuff, a kitchen table buried under piles of things, cupboards stuff to the point that you cant find items because you have too much stuff.

It can become clutter or even a safety concern.

Hire a Professional Clean Out Company – Hiring a professional service will not only help

If you are concerned about just throwing out your items, we can sort your unwanted stuff into those items to take to charity and items to throw away. A lot of items considered junk can be put into the recycle section of the local tip. We will load all the items in our truck and dispose of these items appropriately.

We clean up properties in a polite and respectful manner, with the minimum amount of fuss and return your property to the best state as possible. What may seem as a huge problem to you is actually quite normal to us. We have seen it all before. We don’t judge and it is always confidential.

We Clear Everything

Our team will arrive at your premises and do the lot for you. Most jobs are completed in a few hours.

Fast Eddys can help you to:

  • Sort items for charity, recycling and tip.
  • Clear unwanted furniture and contents for charity.
  • Clear junk and rubbish to the tip for you and then sweep up
  • We also clear and cleanup garages, sheds and yards and includes sweep up and Pressure Washing
  • We will load the items from wear they sit in your home and load into our truck for removal
  • All you have to do is tell us want you would like to be removed. You are always in control, we provide you with help and guidance.