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10 Actionable Decluttering Techniques That Work (and are out of the box)

by Eddy Thursday August 1st 2019

10 Actionable Decluttering Techniques That Work (and are out of the box)-decluttering-01a-64581

I think you can agree with me when I say:

It can be REALLY hard to find space to store your stuff and challenging to throw stuff away. Here are some easy steps to help take control of the clutter.

10 experts and their advice
on ways to declutter your home, office, garage or shed.

1. Can't keep your home organized cleaning and organising is not a punishment

Jane Wilson from Fantastic Cleaners in Melbourne suggests:

Many people consider cleaning and organising to be a punishment or something very hard and unpleasant to do, which naturally makes them not want to do it. The first thing you need to do is get rid of that mindset. Then you need to stop procrastinating while you’re at home and make a loose schedule of the basic things you need to clean around the house on a regular basis. Checklists and schedules really help disorganised people start a healthy cleaning and maintenance routine. You can arrange the tasks in your checklist by priorities, and you can separate them to weekly and monthly tasks, so they are easily manageable. Also, having a well stocked cleaning kit that’s organised and kept in one place can also help.

2. The three boxes rule

Another great tip from Jane to declutter is the “The three boxes rule”. It’s a great decluttering tactic that allows you to sort through items quickly and efficiently. In severe cases, it’s good to start by working a room at a time, and progress gradually. Don’t clear out everything at once, do 1 room first, then in a few days proceed to the next one, so the person can get used to the change. Place 3 boxes in the room you’re clearing out, and label them Keep, Donate and Throw Away. Start picking items from the room and place them in the appropriate boxes. Remember, some items could be truly important to the person, like family heirlooms and other valuable items. Donating unwanted items is always a good thing to do and can provide a sense of accomplishment.

3. Always put items back where they belong

All items should always have a specific location in a cupboard and other place like a shelf, and this will keep your house uncluttered. For example, we always put their keys in a bowl on the kitchen bench. A great way to teach your kids to be tidy too!

4. Give yourself 5 solid minutes

Leo Babauta at Zen Habits recommends

Pull out some clothes you don’t wear. Spend a few minutes pulling out ones you haven’t worn in a few months. If they’re seasonal clothes, store them in a box. Get rid of the rest. Do this a little at a time until your closet (and then your drawers) only contains stuff you actually wear.

5. Try the Oprah Winfrey Closet Hanger Experiment

Not originally Oprahs idea, she has made it famous. To identify wardrobe pieces to clear out, hang all your clothes with the hangers in the reverse direction. After you wear an item, return it to the closet with the hanger facing the correct direction. After six months, you’ll have a clear picture of which clothes you can easily discard.

6. Give away one item each day

Colleen Madsen at 365 Less Things gives away one item each day. Over the past several years, she has experienced quite a transformation simply reducing her stuff one day at a time.

7. Try the One-Month Cardboard Box Test

Peter Walsh - Not sure what you use and what you don’t in your kitchen? Here is a tried and true way to find out. Empty the contents of your kitchen utensils drawer into a cardboard box. For one month, put a utensil back into the drawer only if you take it out of the box to use it. If it’s still in the box after four weeks—you don’t need it. Pass it on to charity.

8. Make a list

Dana Byers recommends creating a list of places/areas in your home to declutter beginning with the easiest… which doesn’t sound all that creative until she adds this note, “When you’re done with one area, STOP.” This list could be made as easy or difficult as you desire based upon what areas of your home make up the list (drawers/closets/rooms). And could easily fit into any schedule.

9. Complete Each Task — Completely

Alternatively Catrin Morris recommends

Of course you will need to sort things into categories (e.g., toss, recycle, donate, give to friend, put in deep storage). But here’s the crucial part: Once you have decided where something is going to go — take it there. Never keep bags for charity or boxes for friends in your home to deliver later. Do it now. Finish the process. Take the bags and boxes out to the trash or recycling immediately. If you’re donating something or giving something to a friend or family member, put the items in your car or make arrangements for dropping them off. You’ve done so much work getting this stuff ready to take out, complete the deal!

10. Sell items on ebay

Do this one item at a time. That way its managable.

Take a photo, post it and sell it before moving onto the next thing


Which Tip will you try first?

If you have acquired too many things and are reluctance to part with your stuff, looking to de-clutter is a whole lot easier with expert advice. Why not try one or two of these tips at a time and maybe they will become good habits that will not only keep your home looking beautiful but easy to clean!

Call us or request an online quote to remove all your unwanted items and rubbish – its easier than waiting for a council cleanup and we can come when you need us.

10 Actionable Decluttering Techniques That Work (and are out of the box)-decluttering-02a

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